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Did you know?

Only 15% of F&B owners pay attention to the coffee they serve at their shop.

Are you that 15%?

Scale Your Business With The Right Coffee Powder

How? We can help!

& Here’s why. Coffee is addictive.

When customers take their first sip and they love it,

Trust us, they’ll just be coming back for more!

What we provide:

  • A system to create Good and consistent coffee taste
  • Consistent supply of coffee powder
  • Free training and support for you and your staff
  • Free delivery service within Klang Valley 

From the secret recipe of our founder, Jeff's father-in-law, who invented Ipoh White Coffee since 1937 at his shop called Sin Yoon Loong 新源隆.

Ipoh White Coffee Powder supplier

Roasting our coffee daily to ensure its freshness and to satisfy your daily cravings.

Coffee Shop

We currently supply to over 60 F&B outlets across klang valley including cafes, kopitiams, restaurants and food courts.

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