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How did the founder of KOOPI sustain a successful business for more than 18 years?

From coffee shop owner to Ipoh White Coffee powder supplier. Read more to find out!

Before KOOPI started, Jeff had always wanted to carry on the legacy of Ipoh White Coffee. Jeff’s father-in-law started Ipoh White Coffee in Ipoh Old Town in 1937. Since then, Jeff was inspired and started a coffee shop called “Sun Yin Loong” (located near Aman Suria). However, it wasn’t all roses and sunshine when he first started. 


In the initial stages, he was uncertain if the coffee shop would turn out to be successful. At the same time, he was faced with multiple challenges along the way. However, with the desire to carry on the legacy, he persisted and pushed through.

Fast forward 18 years later, Sun Yin Loong is now a popular kopitiam in the neighbourhood of Petaling Jaya.


With continuous support from his many loyal customers, Jeff found joy and passion in the coffee shop business. This has also resulted in the birth of KOOPI – a manufacturing company. Jeff aspires to further bring joy to his customers and help F&B owners out there who are facing the same challenges as he once did.

Ipoh White Coffee Powder supplier


With only 3 ingredients – Coffee beans, butter & sugar

From an original recipe produced in Ipoh since 1937, KOOPI Ipoh white coffee was created with a mixture of quality Arabica, Robusta & Liberica coffee beans. Roasted together with other unique ingredients, it creates a rich & creamy taste that lingers long after drinking it. Apart from pampering your tastebuds, its fragrant and tantalizing aroma will always make one craving for another cup!